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          We started using Cherie when we rescued an Old English Sheepdog through her group about 12 years ago.  We use Cherie 1 to 2 times a year. Cherie is great with all animals, and has a special attachment to Our Lennon. She also has a special knack for getting dogs to trust and obey her. Although my laundry list of instructions about feeding times and treats given Cherie was able to balance everything to the letter. My pet seemed happier at the end of our trip, and I never had to worry about his well-being or safety. -Mike and Kathy

I have been using Cherie to care for our Dog whenever we go away for over 3 years. . Our experience is always wonderful. Our Dog is so excited when she comes. I leave my dog with Cherie because it gives me peice of mind when I am away knowing she is caring for him and it is a wonderful alternative to a kennel. He gets to stay in his own home and gets the very best of care. Would never use anyone else. -Laurie

CHERI IS FABULOUS!! I have 5 cats indoor plus a few Feral's that stop by for a meal. She took fantastic care of all of my pets. She is reliable, honest, and the feeding station was cleaner than I keep it. The litter was clean. The trash was even gone and all of the dishes were washed and dried and stacked neatly.

I would recommend her to anyone who treasures their pets!- Jackie

I've contracted with Cherie on three different occasions for over one week each time to cat sit. She is very prompt, leaves the feeding station clean, and maintains a clean litter box. Cherie has been very flexible in showing up on the day a holiday falls but most importantly, she texts me on how things are going. That gives me a great level of comfort since my cat is a little particular! Cherie also has no qualms in administering medicine or additional ingredients to food. She's very pleasant to deal with and works with your schedule. Thanks so much Cherie!! - Gisella

I live in New York City and have a bull dog named Martin and a miniature Poodle named Isabella. I found Aunt Maggies pet sitting when I came to the shore for vacation. Could not have been more happy with my experience. Everyone was so sweet and loving towards my dogs. Plus they were extremely flexible. I will definitely bring my dogs back again. -Ghazaleh

This is the place to leave your pet when you have to be away from them! Cherie is so loving and warm. My husband and I could never leave our 2 dogs (boxer and frenchie/pug) in a boarding kennel. Just the thought of them having to be caged at some point breaks our hearts. Aunt Maggie's is the perfect alternative. No cages here! This is my first Google review, normally I don't write reviews, but we were so impressed with Cherie I just had to do it. We definitely, highly recommend Aunt Maggie's and give it a 5 star rating! Cherie goes that extra mile! We just loved our experience and so did our 2 girls! - Jen

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